Note: We use quality components and workmanship, because we aim to have our covers wear out first from material wearing and high usage. We have gained experience since 2004 on our components, extremely low warranty is a testament to all the components we use.

See attached Component PDF file below,

Components File

Sister Clips

We have designed and produced our own strong and durable plastic sister clips. These quickly connect the draw ropes around the chain plates. Allowing for our covers to be quickly put on and off with full functionality.

Breath Holes

Our top covers come with one or more breath holes depending on the size of the covers. These breath holes allow hot or humid air to leave the cover, whilst not allowing water to enter the cover.


We use top quality buckles and clips, that are strong and long lasting. using thicker plastic than most common buckles and clips.

Mast System

Our covers come with a mast system that allows the cover to be used and installed whilst the mast is in the boat. We use velcro, clips and webbing to get a nice closure and and to reduce water to enter the cover when in use.

Lifting Eye

Lifting eyes for halyard or trapeze connections are reinforced internally and then webbing is sewn in closed cross to securely anchor it to the cover material.


Reinforcement is sewn in internally with a double layer of fabric material. these are located on areas that are on the corners of the covers or that take extra wear and loading.


We use velcro closing or fastening systems on some areas that need more flexiblility.


Zips are high grade marine (plastic) zips to ensure that no corrosion will be possible over time. Our zip systems are designed to last longer than the material and cause no problems with regular use.


Some of our products use hollow composite battens, similar to tent battens. The battens hold the cover more rigid and consistent in shape. This reduces water sitting on the cover and allows better circulation of air. The connections are 304 stainless steel with an elastic chord holding the components together. This allows the batten to be in one piece and then folded up into a smaller length for storage and traveling.

Batten Pocket

Products with battens have a batten pocket. On one end is a velcro tensioning system. The more tension or compression puts more curvature into the cover.


We use high grade UV protected webbing that, is strong and hard wearing.

Edge Reinforcement

We add webbing to key edges for extra reinforcement and sometimes a double layer of fabric.

Seam Edges

All seam edges are sewn with stronger marine grade threads, doubled over and then sewn again. Then a taping is sewn over the top. This is to ensure that cover will last and the seams will not fail or fray.

Screen Printing

East Textiles product range uses direct single colour screen printing onto the cover material. We can do multi colour screen printing for OEM manufacturing at slightly higher cost for the screens and extra time to complete.


Our covers carry normally on the back right corner our label with company branding and website. Thsi covers the product code.

Product Code

Our product code is located under the label and follows a similar system. Below is an example which shows the areas of the product code that for easy identification,


ET - East Textiles
470 - Class
TC - Model
CLA - Material


We use one main rope for the side chords. This is 3mm in diameter. On some products we use 4mm diameter line for attaching or fastening.

Rope Jam

The draw ropes have a rope jam on the end of each rope.

Corner Detail

Below shows corner detailing,

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