OEM System

East Textiles are able to offer OEM (original equipment manufacture) manufacturing of any textile products,

OEM Process

If you wish to get any textile products made, please follow the below steps.

Step 1 Contact us and inform us of what you would like to have made.

Step 2 We will send you an invoice for OEM design and assessment fee ($250USD).

Step 3 Send us detailed drawings or sample product for us to use as the first sample. Also provide information on what you would like to achieve with the product through design and materials including graphics, branding and labeling.

Step 4 We will provide design concepts and ideas for you to select the best option.

Step 5 Once the the final concept is selected, we will then provide detailed final drawings of the product according to your requirements and preferred design.

Step 6 We will send you an invoice for the sample fee to be produced, this fee will be based on materials, patterns, time to make a one off custom sample and shipping cost to your selected destination.

Step 7 Once the first sample is made, it will be tested and checked by our team and a detailed assessment report will be provided, with conclusion and any recommendations. Then packaged and shipped to you.

Step 8 We will then provide final pricing per pcs.

Step 9 If you want any items modified, we will begin the process again from Step 3. If you approve the item we can begin production according to your requirements and depending on current factory output requirements.

Step 9 Provide a PO with all details item and qty of pcs.

Step 10 We will provide an invoice based off your PO accompanied with ETS (expected time shipping). Production will begin after the money is received in our account according to our invoice and payment terms in our OEM pricing document.

Step 11 Shipping will be made prior to ETS date if possible. In the event that the product does not ship on or before ETS, please refer to our OEM pricing document .

Note: All our products are packaged into plastic per pcs and then packaged into boxes for shipping. This is included in the cost per pcs. However additional packaging requirements for customised packaging follow the same above process.

OEM Pricing

OEM prices are subject to final samples completion and client approval, to see preferential prices, relative to volume, please see attached PDF file.

OEM Pricing

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